Robotics lecture notes ppt

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Title: Robotics. Description: Where AI meets Real World Rise of Machines If robots do develop consciousness, they may also develop conscience, and choose to be kind to their human creators. Tags: robotics. Latest Highest Rated. Robotics Robotics definition and types of robots.

World of robots History, applications and glimpse of robots in future. Robotics is growing very fast. Intelligence Processing power. Self-reconfiguring modular robot ModBots.

Nano Robotics Nanobots. In an experiment performed in a Swiss laboratory, 10 robots with downward-facing sensors competed for "food" - a light-colored ring on the floor. At the other end of the space, a darker ring - "poison" - was placed. The robots earned points for how much time they spent near food as opposed to poison. Robots Learn to Lie!Tech Students. We provide B. Tech student with free of cost and it can download easily and without registration need.

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Therefore improvement and rationalization of transport efficiency are social needs. There are many papers suggesting a platoon system of several trucks as a part of the development of ITS Intelligent Transport System. Robot Drives and Power Transmission Systems Robot drive mechanisms, hydraulic — electric — servomotor- stepper motor — pneumatic drives, Mechanical transmission method — Gear transmission, Belt drives, cables, Roller chains, Link — Rod systems — Rotary-to-Rotary motion conversion, Rotary-to-Linear motion conversion, Rack and Pinion drives, Lead screws, Ball Bearing screws.

Gripper force analysis and gripper design. Active and passive grippers. Share this article with your classmates and friends so that they can also follow Latest Study Materials and Notes on Engineering Subjects.

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Robotics 1 U1 (Kinematics) S3 (Rotation Matrices) P1 (Rotation Matrices)

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CSE4421Z: Introduction to Robotics

This course presents an overview of robotics in practice and research with topics including vision, motion planning, mobile mechanisms, kinematics, inverse kinematics, and sensors. In course projects, students construct robots which are driven by a microcontroller, with each project reinforcing the basic principles developed in lectures. Students usually work in teams of three: an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, and a computer scientist. Groups are typically self-formed except for the first lab.

This course will also expose students to some of the contemporary happenings in robotics, including current robotics research, applications, robot contests and robot web surfing. Juniors, seniors, and advanced sophomores interested in robotics. Before taking this class, students should have a thourough understanding of the concepts here: Prerequisite Knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence Lecture Materials

Students are not permitted to enter after class has started. Electronic devices are prohibited. Tuesday pmpm NSH Sign up here: S Piazza page. Howie Choset Professor. Peggy Martin Howie's secretary. Here, the color and letter following the student's name indicates their primary undergraduate major C indicates Computer ScienceE indicates Electrical and Computer ScienceM indicates Mechanical Engineering and T indicates Mathematics. Teams for the first lab are randomly assigned.

The second lab is individual. Students will self-select their lab groups for the remainder of the labs.

Welcome to 16-311 Spring 2020!

You are allowed to change groups, however it is difficult if you are the only group that needs a change in the class. There are no required textbooks for this course. Introduction to RoboticsJohn J.Course Instructor. Mustafa K. Basic components of robot systems; coordinate frames, homogeneous transformations, kinematics for manipulator, inverse kinematics; manipulator dynamics, Jacobians: velocities and static forcestrajectory planning, Actuators, Sensors, Vision, Fuzzy logic control of manipulator and robotic programming.

At the end of this course, students should be able to:. What Is a Robot?

Artificial Intelligence Lecture Materials

Classification of Robots. What Is Robotics? History of Robotics. Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots. Robot Components. Robot Degrees of Freedom. Robot Joints. Robot Coordinates. Robot Reference Frames.

robotics lecture notes ppt

Programming Modes. Robot Characteristics. Robot Workspace. Robot Languages. Robot Applications. Robots as Mechanisms. M atrix Representation.

Representation of a Point in Space. Representation of a Vector in Space. Representation of a Rigid Body. Homogeneous Transformation Matrices. Representation of Transformations. Representation of a Pure Translation. Representation of a Pure Rotation about an Axis.

Representation of Combined Transformations. Transformations Relative to the Rotating Frame. Inverse of Transformation Matrices. Forward and Inverse Kinematics of Robots. Forward and Inverse Kinematic Equations: Position.This course provides an introduction to physics-based design, modeling, and control of robotic systems, in particular of robotic arms. You will learn basic methodologies and tools, and build a solid foundation that will enable you to move forward in both robotic research CSA, CS and applications CSA.

All learning outcomes are assessed by homework assignments implementation and pen and paper as well as through the midterm and final exam. The course website will be on Canvas. All course materials will be shared through the Canvas website, including important class announcements from the Teaching Staff. Additionally this course uses a Piazza forum which can be found here.

Here you can ask questions about the homework, the exams, and class material in general. These are pen and paper as well as coding assignments. Due PM on Thursdays on Gradescope. All assignments should be submitted via Gradescope. If you have a question, to get a response from the teaching staff quickly we strongly encourage you to post it to the class Piazza.

This is a great place to ask questions of the staff, as well as share information among your peers. For private matters, please make a private note visible only to the course instructors. For longer discussions with TAs and to get help in person, we strongly encourage you to come to office hours. To strengthen the background knowledge of students on essential math and physics concepts used throughout the class, we have several review sessions throughout the quarter that we strongly encourage students to attend.

This quarter, the class will be structured differently than in past quarters. In-class, we will focus on interactive examples to illustrate the key concepts of the class. This requires that the students come to each lecture prepared for the content that will be discussed.

Thus we are assigning the lectures from a previous year that the course was taught as pre-lecture videos to be viewed before each of the main lectures. Additionally, specific course reader sections pertaining to the material will be assigned as supplemental material. A full list of the assigned pre-lecture videos and readings can be found on Canvas to be uploaded very soon. Please come to lecture prepared. Their purpose is to practice the concepts covered in class by applying them to different problems and visualize them in the robot simulation.

The coding assignments will generally require to program in python. All assignments will be submitted to Gradescope by pm on the due date. Sign up for the course using entry code 9J8VZ7. Code will be graded using the Gradescope autograder. Although group discussion and work is encouraged, each student should submit their own assignment and perform any necessary calculations on their own. There will be both midterm and final exams for this course, held in-class. They are open book and open notes.

Electronic devices are not allowed. They will include similar problems to those you have encountered in the homework, and will additionally include problems and questions covering the content from the lectures.

TA review sessions will help you to prepare for the exams. SCPD students and students with class time conflicts can earn in-class participation credit by creating a private Piazza post visible to only the instructors and asking a question or comment on the lecture's problem session for each lecture. Each student will have a total of two free late calendar days to use for homeworks.Visit performance for information about the performance numbers displayed above.

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robotics lecture notes ppt

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robotics lecture notes ppt

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robotics lecture notes ppt

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